Discover the Cryptocurrency that has surpassed Bitcoin in capitalization.

And  How You Can Benefit From Its Upward Rally.

Dec, 15. 2019

By Joaquin Muniz


YEM, from 0.01 USD to 0.24 USD in six months.

A factor of 24x or an ROI of 2,400%.

Investment in cryptocurrencies has become one of the preferred “High Yield - High Risk” assets of investors, where, due to the high speculative degree of these securities, they generally invest a small proportion in their portfolio.

Even so, it is not rare to see these investments in mutual funds and, even in pension funds, and of course, on a private basis.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin is the best known cryptocurrency, and, like all successful products, thousands of competitors have emerged, some of them with interesting added features, such as Ethereum, its blockchain and the possibility of establishing smart contracts. But, many other cryptocurrencies do not contribute anything new to what already exists and are merely speculative products.

Other cryptocurrencies are born with the objective of creating an economy around them, but, to date, none has achieved it on a significant scale, since, obviously, the challenge is phenomenal.

By mid-2019, they had registered more than 2,000 different cryptocurrencies, most of which are doomed to disappear and have only benefited their promoters, and have generated losses to those who acquired them at the time, waiting for a prompt and strong revaluation.

And then, how is it possible that a barely known cryptocurrency outperforms Bitcoin in capitalization?

The Rainbow Currency, with its exchangeable currency, the YEM, (Your Every Day Money) and its sub-currencies:

      • TEC –Twnkl Estate Coin
      • TSHC - Tnwkl Shop Coin
      • TMC - Twkl Movility Coin
      • TVC –Twnkl Vacation Coin

Which can only be adquired with YEM, has proposed innovative business model that is having a great success and that has allowed revaluations like the following in the last 5 months.


There is no doubt that these returns are insane.

And there is no investment in this world that can be compared.

*(ROI= Return of Investment)


Will the bullish rally continue?

It is difficult to know if these growth factors and these insane ROIs will remain. Perhaps this growth rate cannot be maintained. Nothing revalues continually to infinity.

But the data we have seem to indicate that the upward trend will continue over ay least the next 2 years. In fact, 18-month Real Estate smart contracts are being signed for a YEM value of 8 USD, which represents a revaluation factor of x 32 or a ROI of 3,200% for the current value of YEM.


What is the purpose of the Rainbow Currency?

Create an economy around the currency, for the purchase of products and services, payable in YEM or in any of its sub-currencies.


  • - The TEC is used to buy Real Estate. In 2018, the first fully paid apartment with YEM was sold in Germany. More than 130 houses and apartments in Europe and America offered for sale by smart contracts, ... worth USD 74,900,000 and growing.
  • - The TSHC is used usually to buy high-value or luxury items, some valued above USD 30,000. More than 14,000 products have been reserved, through smart contracts, for an approximate value of USD 44,400,000.
  • - TMC to buy vehicles and everything related to mobility. In 2018, the first car paid in full with YEM was sold in Germany. In operation for just over a month, there are already numerous reservations of luxury cars, through smart contracts, for several million USD.
  • - TVC to buy everything related to travel. In operation for just over 1 month, it has already sold trips worth 8 million USD paid with TVC.

Very remarkable achievements of this cryptocurrency, barely known.

Is there any risk in this investment?

As we have said, we are talking about an investment in cryptocurrencies, a High Yield and High Risk investment.

It can not be in a different way. There are no High Yield investments without risks. In fact, everyone knows that there is an inverse relationship between return and risk. Low-Risk investments, hardly yield anything at all and High-Yield investments, undoubtedly have risks.

Therefore, if you find this option interesting, invest in this product that money that you can afford to lose without causing a great economic breakdown. Do not make crazy things like requesting a loan from the Bank to make this investment, or for the matter, any other investment that has high risk.

That said, what can we say in favour of the Company?

The Company that supports this project has been in operation since 2006. And its projects were launched “online” in 2011.

The Rainbow Currency was created in 2017, backed by 3,200 entrepreneurs from 157 countries around the world.

It was initially launched on the Ethereum public blockchain.

The Rainbow Currency moved to a private Blockchain,

the TwnklChain, in 2018.

The Rainbow Currency Foundation

The Rainbow Currency was created as a currency, without any connection to any particular business and is represented by the Rainbow Currency Foundation, a global non-profit organization, with government members from all continents.

The main purpose of the Rainbow Currency is to create value and stability to the world of cryptocurrencies, by establishing and growing an economy where the YEM is the only accepted form of payment.

It is one of the few digital currencies that meets all the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Finance of Germany in relation to its function as a replacement currency for the Euro.


Why have I not heard mention this coin,

if it has got all these achievements?


Although there is a certain buzz on the Internet, the Company has not really made a great marketing effort to advertise its product. Only, through the word of mouth of its users and only by invitation, has the number of users and transactions increased. Nearly 1 million coin users, more than 2 million transactions and a total volume of more than 4.7 billion USD in just over a year are solid figures, from a very well-founded project.


Why this currency, which - with its sub-currencies – that has surpassed Bitcoin is not listed in CoinMarketCap or in the well known exchanges?


The Company and the Rainbow Currency Foundation have shown no interest in placing the currency in CoinMarketCap listings, since this listing is only of interest to cryptocurrencies whose main use is speculative. As we have already mentioned, the main function of the Rainbow Currency is to create an economy around the currency. And, in view of the achievements, its strategy is well oriented.


when it seemed that all these achievements were going to be difficult to overcome, we witness a transaction in the TwnklChain, dated December 16, 2019 at 04:50:58 worth 250 million US dollars, to acquire 1,036, 914,143 YEM. That is related to a series of Real Estate operations in Dubai,…


Do you want to participate in this project?


Take advantage now, and for a limited time, the possibility of acquiring YEM at very special conditions, in 2 simple steps.

1) Register in Pernum.

IT IS FREE. Pernum is the Rainbow Currency wallet for the YEM and all its sub-currencies and for all the other projects managed by the Company. If you do not have your own Pernum you will not be able to buy or sell YEM or any of the sub-currencies of the Rainbow Currency.

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2) Visit the offer.

Once you have your Pernum, enter the offers page, and contact the seller. We are fortunate to have a few YEM owners, who are acepting to sell part of their currencies at special conditions, for a limited time.

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