Is it possible to participate in an IPO of a company that is going to be listed on the Frankfurt Stock Market, and pay half the price in crypto?

Now it is possible, but only with YEM.

Very good news for YEM holders.

More good news.  The Company offers “Exploding Shares”.

Exploding shares explained:

  • Example: One share is bought for 100 Euro. This keeps expanding by the Likquid Market Maker buying from the liquidity pool at the nominal price. You end up with 1 new share for 100 Euro every month for the next 12 Months.
  • Example: Buy shares for 1.000 Euro and you will receive shares for 1.000 Euro every month for 12 months.
  • Why would the company do this? We need to reach critical mass for Market Making Algo to work with full strength.
  • But, only available in the Rainmaker packages.
  • Can be paid in BTC, ETH, USD or EUR. Paypal will be possible.

It's like saying that you invest $ 1,000 and after 12 months you have $ 12,000.

A fantastic return on investment, in the order of 1200%


It is clear that this is an investment in an asset. Like all investments, it has a risk. There is no guarantee that money will be made with this investment and it can even generate losses. Everything listed here is provided for informational purposes, and in no way constitutes investment advice. It is always advisable to do your due diligence before purchasing any product, including investment products.

If you are interested in this proposal, the steps to follow are:

1.- Get your PERNUM. Is free. PERNUM is a multi-wallet wallet where your YEMs are hosted (If you want to benefit from paying 50% of your investment in YEM - more on this later), and where your Unicorn Network (UNTE) tokens will be hosted, which you can then transfer to the Exchange (if you wish) to exchange it for fiat or other cryptocurrencies. But if you do not have PERNUM, you will not be able to pay with YEM or receive the Token that you are going to buy.






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2.- Once you have your PERNUM, download the form from                                                 www.dragonglobalfinance.com/rainmaker                                                                                     fill it in and send it to pernum@dragonglobalfinance.com, as you will see in the form.

To make everything more attractive,

I have something special for you, which will allow you to obtain YEM in unbeatable conditions.

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Important note: This offer is only available until

April 30, 2021.

If you are interested, contact me at admin@cryptoonfire.com

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PerNum Wallet deposits are managed and held by “PernumPay Credit Union” incorporated in Sweden acting as a registered Money Transfer Agent for “Dragon Global Solutions Limited”, incorporated, in England (company number 12259225) with its registered office at Cpl - 110 Viglen House Business Centre, Alperton Lane, London, England, HA0 1HD. Dragon Global also operates in Estonia for its Cryptocurrency Exchange.

The Company (Dragon Global) is an authorised Agent (with Financial Conduct Authority reference 850267), of Mbakey Export and Finance Limited with its registered office at 1 Hatch Furlong Station Road Little Kimble Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP17 0XN, United Kingdom.

Mbakey Export and Finance Limited is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution with reference 669166.